One Thing That Excites Me…

This site about full screen rolling websites really excited me when I saw it. I personally really enjoy when a website has a scrolling feature or some sort of visually pleasing way of viewing the website. This holds especially true to me when viewing websites on phones due to the fact that sliding and swiping are natural ways of navigating on a phone. There is just something super pleasing about scrolling or swiping through a website without seeing the scroll bar. Once we get to the portfolio project I definitely want to implement it into my website just because I feel that it will personally reflect what I like as a designer!


First blog post

So a little bit about myself, my name is Billy Jo Molinari and i’m studying at Edinboro University to get my BFA in graphic and interactive design and I am also considering getting a minor in art history. Some more personal information about me, i’m from Pittsburgh and have lived their my whole life. Growing up there I was thankful to have a really good art education in high school and had a great opportunity to work with museums like “The Warhol” and “The Mattress Factory” as well.

When it comes to design i’m still really figuring myself out and how I fit into that world. I’m not necessarily sure where i’d see myself but i’m excited to find out. Ideally I think it would be really cool to work in magazines or fashion but i’d also be fine working in a firm or a museum or anything like that.

I have a lot of hobbies and interests that could probably go on for pages and pages but a few of them summed up are my love of film/television, gaming, world building/roleplay, design, art history, politics, travel and so much more.

Overall that’s a basic introduction to who I am and i’m really excited to take this interactive design course because I think it’s a great first step into a more technical and coding based realm of design and business in general!