First blog post

So a little bit about myself, my name is Billy Jo Molinari and i’m studying at Edinboro University to get my BFA in graphic and interactive design and I am also considering getting a minor in art history. Some more personal information about me, i’m from Pittsburgh and have lived their my whole life. Growing up there I was thankful to have a really good art education in high school and had a great opportunity to work with museums like “The Warhol” and “The Mattress Factory” as well.

When it comes to design i’m still really figuring myself out and how I fit into that world. I’m not necessarily sure where i’d see myself but i’m excited to find out. Ideally I think it would be really cool to work in magazines or fashion but i’d also be fine working in a firm or a museum or anything like that.

I have a lot of hobbies and interests that could probably go on for pages and pages but a few of them summed up are my love of film/television, gaming, world building/roleplay, design, art history, politics, travel and so much more.

Overall that’s a basic introduction to who I am and i’m really excited to take this interactive design course because I think it’s a great first step into a more technical and coding based realm of design and business in general!


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