Resume Typeface Outline

PDF: billyjoresumeoutline

For my first type combination I went with the typeface “Raleway” and “Merriweather”. I first chose “Raleway” because the logo I created actually used this typeface so this was a good starting point. Raleway as a typeface has a very sleek and modern look to it while also being inviting unlike some modern looking typeface that can feel cold and inhuman. Next I felt that I needed a typeface that had some sort of serif in order to ground the whole resume from a type perspective. This is why I chose Merriweather. The Merriweather typeface acts and feels like a “regular/common” typeface used in everyday life, specifically for reading books or lengths of text, this made it perfect for my resume. Overall I feel that these 2 typefaces work well together especially when changing the size for each different section of the actual resume.

My second combination I went with used the typefaces “Bebas Neue” and “Source Code Pro”. I chose these two because I felt they had really strong character especially when working together. Bebas Neue being very bold and big and all caps really draws attention. I hesitate with this because it has such a big character to it but it felt very fitting for myself as a designer. The second typeface Source Code Pro also works really well with it adding as a light airy contrast to the harshness of Bebas Neue. Overall I feel both typefaces have a very digital and contemporary tone to them which is very fitting for me as a designer. Overall I feel the first type combination is stronger but this is a close second.


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