Blog #5 CSS Inspiration


For this project I want to loosely base my layout on this design. More noticeable and obvious reasons is because everything is fairly easy to read. This is due to the overall theme being pretty “standard” and not having that much personality but also because of the general layout. The actual layout of the information has really nice borders and boxes to make each piece of information accessible and easy to read. For my overall design concept I have a risk of making the overall page messy and hard to read because of the overall intense color pallet I am going to be going for. The actual CSS of the cite is very simple and tries to maximize the least amount of repeated textures in the coding and having stable and steady images. There also seems to be a pattern of everything either being fixed in an “absolute” or “relative” state depending on what is being used. This should be easy for mine due to the background only being a grid which should in theory be easy to repeat as well as my main images just being simple vectors with not many details aside from what’s in the shape of the fruit. Overall this will be a pretty useful template for my own design but will still manage to look vastly different from my own design.


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