Blog #9

Site to explain how to do what is wanted: SPOTIFY PLAY BUTTON

Something that I would like to learn would be how to incorporate a spotify playlist onto a website to offer the viewer some music to listen to. I feel like this could really liven up the site, add some uniqueness, while also giving the viewer a better idea of who you are through music interests.

The site I have linked directly from spotify shows how to link up a spotify playlist into a website in a quick and easy way. It seems the creators of spotify also have the same interest in allowing users to experience music in sites.

Because spotify is a downloadable program there is no true way to just embed all of a persons spotify into a website or link to a spotify because the music and profile are on the application. So the process is as simple as making a set playlist of music, clicking on the drop down feature ON SPOTIFY to copy the HTML code link, and then just pasting it into the html code of a site. Spotify also has a play button modifier in order to change the look of the button so it fits in better with a site.


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