Blog #10

(1) What you feel you learned or got out of this course;

As intimidating as it was at first I ended up really learning a lot about how to actually build a website from the ground up. I think by the end of this semester I have been able to grasp the language of HTML and CSS and I do believe that if I were to go out and be in a firm with people who were coding and building the website I would be able to have a much better dialogue with them about the websites we were designing.

(2) the area of this course that most interested you;

I really was most interested in the idea of movement on websites and just how alive you can make them. Whether this be through sound, animated gifs, color changing, and the list goes on that’s what I found to be the most interesting. With websites and digital space in general the possibilities are endless with what could be done as compared to working in a print based medium.

(3) one thing you wish we spent more time on  or are still confused about.

I wish we would have spent more time focusing on the CSS and more aesthetic based parts of website design. I know that’s a very broad range of options and things to teach but I think it would’ve been nicer to just learn more about specific things that can be done.


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